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About us

Flash Automotive Logistik is Slovakia spedition (freight forwarding) company, which since the year 2009 provides our clients and drivers certainty, a serious approach and flexibility. With the help of our partners, we have become a strong and stable company which of 7 years of honest work was able to make more than 7000 of transports across Europe.

Today we have created the so-called spider-web drivers and speditions in throughout Europe, and this is the reason why we can solve any request for transportation of your shipment. We are able to organize transport from 1 kg till 24 tons, we have express vehicles, which can deliver your cargo during few hours. We have also special trucks for transport dangerous goods or temperature sensitive goods.

All our staff is available 365 days in the year, 24 hours every day on the mobile phone. We are speaking few world languages. So go ahead and place yourself into hands of professionals.

Road Transports

Actually, we have 50 contract trucks and more than 2000 contacts on different transportation companies, they make the transports for us, according to clients requirements.

The information about trucks and cargo position we can provide in less than 10 minutes at any hour, day or night.

Flash Automotive Logistik company can offer this kind of trucks:
  • 7 m + 7 m road train till 24 t
  • 7 m + 8 m road train till 24 t
  • 13, 6 m tilt trucks till 24 t
  • 13,6 m box trucks till 24 t
  • 8 m solo tilt or box truck till 10 t
  • 7 m solo tilt or box truck till 8 t
  • 6 m solo tilt or box truck till 7 t
  • 6 m solo tilt or box truck till 3,5 t
  • 4,3 m tilt sprinters till 1,5 t
  • 3 m tilt or box sprinter till 1,5 t
  • 1,5 m pick up box truck till 600 kg

Express Transports

Here we are home. On the roads, we are living. We always are where you need.

If you are searching possibilities for quick and cheap transport of small goods from 1 kg to 1500 kg, when every second is important, then contact us. We organize transports across Europe with express trucks, which can deliver your cargo in few hours.

In our fleet, we have the vehicles (box or tilt) for 5 to 12 pallets.