Express Transport

Sometime the situation can occur that you will need to transport your cargo quickly. If every second counts to you and you look for a way to qickly and safely transport any cargo from 1 kg up to 1200 kg we have a solution for you. 

Time critical transport is where we feel self-confident. Our wide network of express sprinters across whole Europe will help you transport any cargo from 1 kg up to 1200 kg safely and fast. We provide the best and efficient solutions to meet your needs 24/7. If every second counts to you, entrust yourself into the hands of professionals
Our drivers work even when you are asleep. Time critical transport is our privilege we began with in 2009 when Flash automotive logistik was established. We provide you wide fleet of 10 pallet place and 8 pallet place tilt sprinters, box sprinters, sprinters with taillift or sprinters with inner width 240 cm.

We like to move forward and face new challenges.

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